today was a fairytale..eceh3 ohh ya,how's r u?? erm,today i want to share my favourite pic to all
of my followers. based on this pic,i know some of u r familiar with this pic.hehe yah,same like my bolgger's friend

Omg! i'd probably sure that whoever sees Domo-Kun,their first reaction will be "KAWAII" :)

well,Domo-Kun is a Japanese creation...
besides knowing that it's created by the Japanese i can't explain more about Domo-Kun because i'm lazy to read the wikipedia XP
but if you guys wanna know more about Domo-Kun then here's a link :))'s_%28NHK%29

and if you guys wanna more of his cute Domo-Kun!

Domo-Kun is just so cute!

His evil looking makes him cuter XD

Domo-Kun is famous!seriously...
just look at those pictures below :0

Domo-Kun ipod!

The last but not least...

Domo-Kun also rock on guitar! Sayonara~~

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IFA Athirah said...

aisey..mmg comel!tetiba rse suke gak domo ni