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Hello readers,followers,anon and a copycats woman *sometimes it was a man. I think it is too long that I didn't post any entry for 3months and bla bla bla.hahax

This months,I'm too busy with all programes that have been prepare by schools. Futhermore,students form 3 have to face their big exam.All theachers are very busy to make preparations for them.Hopefully,the results will be excellent and

Oh ya,my final exam is around the corner too.erm it will be held at 17th/10/2011. I guess u may ask me how's your preparations right??lol My teacher told ,that this final exam is a starting point for us before we reach form 5.
Our score would be recorded.for this exam,all papers will be prepare by PPD.Maybe it's quite diffucult to score A's in this exam.

if we try and study hard we may be obtain a successful
marks.So,my preparations for this examination are refresher the lessons that have been teach ,make a notes and memorize the formula and the important contents for every subjects.For this final exam,I hope I pass it with flying colours.

subject that is most difficult for me:it must be PHYSICS.hahax
I hope I can do it better for this exam.daaaaaaaaa

p/s I think my english LANGUAGE are really 2 broken.huh,what i care?? i just want to learn it.

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*tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang mati.

hye u guys..wah2,dah lama kan aku tak post entry.bukannya apa,terasa malas pulak diri ini..padahal,aku memang banyak cerita nak dikongsi.etry tok kali ni pon
aku tak tau nak post ape.ohh ye,23hb ni,aku and my buddies iaitu Lily,Fara,Yana n iera wil going to sungai Klah.xpernah2 nak join KEM PERDANA ni we.cuak pon ade.tapi,disebabkan tahun depan spm,so aku kenalah kumpul sijil banyak2.

Ahad ni kami semua pergi rumah cikgu Hasnabee..kls aku xramai.cuma geng2 aku.kami ajak kawan2 kami yg laen jugak.other classes n school.biar le ramai cikit. cikgu kata ,cikgu nak masak soto n macam2.xsabar rasanya weh.korang hado?? xde an.so ,diam je lah.ish jahat nya aku.sorry readers.

k la..tu je pon haha.