broken english

hello,this is a first time i wrote in english.maybe there is a lot english broken in my post,but i don't was told me if i want to get A+ in subj.english,i have to start with writing in,i was change my mind.thanks teac.ok,lets start .

the job's don't grow on tress..this idioms, i was found in my literature book while i was read it.based on this idiom,i agree with that sentences.yeah,maybe people nowdays dind't realise it.they just think about enjoyful life,money but dind't have some effort to make life comfortable.for me,if i want to succes i have to spent my time with study but i still can enjoy like listen to the music ,singing,make a study group.

our life is not always perfect.sometimes we in the top n sometimes we can be in the,think about it.if we don't have some effort we can't succses in our life.

haha.ok,in my bio's class,teac.baniah told us to make one eksperiment.i was excited to hear that experiment,we need a blood,distilled water n "salt" the scientifics name was sodium cholride.but,we have to use our own blood,there's no chincken blood in the lab.
yeah,new,scrry, the last of this exp.i got alot of information about it.hehe thanks teacher.
ohh ok,i want to finish my post with this sentences "goodbye"

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